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University of Ottawa – Fair Trade Campus

by Jasmine in Fair Trade Campus

In March 2014, University of Ottawa became Canada’s seventh, and Ontario’s third Fair Trade Campus. The university was awarded the designation from Fairtrade Canada for their outstanding commitment to increasing the availability and awareness of fair trade products. The University of Ottawa fair trade campus initiative was launched by the campus’ Engineers Without Borders chapter; and has gained a tremendous amount of support from the university’s Student Federation, food services and the university administration since the launch.

In January 2017 the university arranged fair trade ancillary information in 6 locations on its campus. The purpose of this initiative is to educate and show its students the story of the brand of their cafes, embellish the spaces and display how the university aligns with the values of their generation. Moreover, the university provides an arrangement of fair trade products and offers many different brands at several locations on their campus. This includes:

  • Van Houtte Coffee and Numi Tea served at all outlets run by University of Ottawa’s Food Services
  • Detour Coffee and Teashop Tea are available at Café Alternatif
  • Van Houtte Coffee, Numi Teas, Four O’clock Tea, Camino Chocolate and Sugar can be purchased at Pivik
  • Van Houtte Coffee and Numi Tea are available at 1848

In addition to providing fair trade certified products, University of Ottawa holds several educational fair trade events and lectures. These events and lectures include:

  • Fair Trade and Organic Market
  • Lectures by individuals a part of the fair trade movement: Chief Adam, the Chair of the Board of Fairtrade Africa and Fairtrade Fruit Producers from Mexico
  • Fair Trade Campus Week
  • Fair Trade Campus Day

Lastly, the University of Ottawa is a major sustainability advocate. The university launched several green initiatives on their campus. These green initiatives include:

To learn more about University of Ottawa as a Fair Trade Campus and sustainability advocate, click here.

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University of Guelph – Fair Trade Campus

by Jasmine in Fair Trade Campus

Located in Guelph Ontario, University of Guelph is the first University in Ontario to become a designated Fair Trade University. Thanks to the hard work and dedication from the University of Guelph’s Engineers Without Borders chapter and the Hospitality Services, the university received their designation on November 28, 2012.

Historically, the university has had a long commitment towards sustainability and ethical purchasing. The campus first started their Fair Trade journey by replacing regular coffee with Fair Trade certified coffee; and as years progressed, the campus began to introduce a wider range of Fair Trade certified products, such as chocolate and tea.

The initiative to designate the University of Guelph into a Fair Trade Campus was led by the University of Guelph’s Engineers Without Borders chapter. This group of students organized several outreach events to spread awareness about the Fair Trade movement. These events include discussion panels, movie nights, Fair Trade symposiums and various awareness activities. The campaign united students, faculty members, food service providers and administration, resulting in the establishment of University of Guelph’s Fair Trade committee.

Since receiving their Fair Trade designation, the University has implemented several Fair Trade events. Some events include:

Banana Selling Event
In 2013, Engineers Without Borders sold approximately 100 Fair Trade Certified bananas on campus. Each banana had a Fair Trade fun fact, making this event an opportunity to educate individuals on Fair Trade.

My Fair Valentine’s
During Valentine’s 2014, the Engineers Without Borders sold over 100 Fair Trade Certified Camino chocolate bars. The event raised over $200 and the profits were split between Fair Trade Guelph and the campus’ Engineering Without Borders chapter.

Furthermore, not only does University of Guelph practice Fair Trade, but the institution is a sustainability advocate. The sustainability office in the university has implemented various programs promoting sustainable practices. These programs include:

In addition, The University of Guelph’s sustainability office offers several opportunities for students to get involved. These opportunities include:

To learn more about the University of Guelph as a Fair Trade campus and sustainability advocate, click here.

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