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Trent University – Fair Trade Campus

by Jasmine in Fair Trade Campus

In April 2014, Trent University became Canada’s 8th Fair Trade Campus. The campus received its designation from Fairtrade Canada because of their long-standing history of ethical leadership, and commitment promoting the fair trade movement. This designation was made possible because of the continuous dedication and collaborative efforts of Trent students, administration, faculty, and the Fair Trade Trent group.

The Fair Trade Trent group, a working group part of Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Peterborough, initiated the push for Trent University to achieve the Fair Trade Campus designation. Two years before receiving their well-deserved designation, the group held several campaigns and events on campus. These campaigns and events include:

  • Scare Them Fair: A campaign for Halloween where the group encouraged students and the community to celebrate the holiday with fair trade chocolate.
  • Ten Thousand Villages Sale: Held in November, this event promoted fair trade holiday gifts and wrapping
  • OPIRG’s annual Peace Week: During this week, OPIRG successfully carried out a stimulating discussion on Fair Trade issues
  • My Fair Valentine:  A campaign held in February where fair trade chocolate and hot chocolate were handed out
  • Fair Trade Presentations: An educational Fair Trade presentation that was held for students at a local secondary school

Currently, the group oversees that Trent University continues to meet the fair trade campus requirements.

Trent University is dedicated to educating and spreading awareness about fair trade issues and offering a variety of Fair Trade certified products across the campus. Many of the fair trade products the campus offers are available in several food outlets, vending machines and catering on campus. Furthermore, Trent University has implemented two purchasing policies with respect to fair trade

Since receiving their Fair Trade Campus designation in 2014, Trent University has continued to work hard to educate the Trent community on the Fair Trade movement. The university organizes several Fair Trade events throughout the school year; these events include:

  • The Ten Thousand Villages Festival
  • Fair Trade Campus Week
  • Trent Annual Fair Trade Celebration

Learn more about Trent University as  Fair Trade Campus by checking out their sustainability website and OPIRG Peterborough 

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University of Western Ontario – Fair Trade Campus

by Jasmine in Fair Trade Campus

In January 2016, University of Western Ontario became Canada’s 11th Fair Trade Designated Campus. The designation was initiated by members of the campus’ Engineers Without Borders chapter in 2012, and since then they organized various major awareness campaigns around campus. A year later, the support to make University of Western Ontario incorporate fair trade products and practices on its campus increased. The initiative gained two influential supporters that helped University of Western Ontario achieve the Fair Trade Campus designation; the University of Western Ontario Hospitality Services and the University’s Student Council. In the summer of 2014, the university slowly began introducing Fire Roasted Coffee, a fair trade certified coffee brand, at several locations on campus. Then in 2015, the University Student council passed its “Purple Paper”, a document that highlights the University Student Councils commitment to Fair Trade; with one of the changes being their purchasing to meet the Fair Trade Campus Requirements.

Furthermore, Fair Trade Western, a Fair Trade group at University of Western Ontario, implemented several ways to encourage people to practice the Fair Trade movement. The group’s goals on campus and in the London community are to raise awareness about the Fair Trade movement, increase the availability of Fair Trade products, and increase the visibility of Fair Trade products where they are sold. The group continues to dedicate themselves to constantly work and encourage the community to purchase fair trade products, as well as practising fair trade. To ensure their goals are met, Fair Trade Western implemented a variety of events and fundraisers such as:

  • Fair Trade Campus Week
  • Fair Trade bake sales
  • Scar Them Fair
  • My Fair Valentine

The Western community can easily access and purchase a variety of Fair Trade Certified products, such as coffee, tea and chocolate, at several food service outlets on campus. These food service outlets include:

  • The Wave and Spoke Tavern
  • Western Film
  • Grocery Checkout
  •  All Residence Operations
  • Quotes Café in Weldon Library
  • Talbot College
  • Western Student Recreation Centre
  • Natural Science
  • Lucy’s Café in Somerville House
  • North Campus Building
  • Law/Chambers Café
  • Great Hall Catering
  • Einstein Cafe

To learn more about University of Western Ontario as a Fair Trade Campus, click here.


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