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The Real Game Changers: Co-opoly & Rise Up

by Jasmine in Cooperatives

A Game Like no Other

“Just like fiction and other works of art, games are a reflection of our beliefs, fears, values, hopes and dreams. Games can help us use our imaginations to challenge the status quo. For over a hundred years, board games have been created to be used in the fight for a better world.” Brian Van Slyke, Truthout.

Brian Van Slyke is a co-founder of TESA Collective, a cooperative who created the revolutionary board games Co-opoly: The Game of Co-operatives and Rise Up: The Game of Power and People.

Monopoly, meet Co-opoly

Co-opoly: The Game of Co-operatives, released in 2011, is a creative and educational board game. The game acts as a teaching tool and educates its players on cooperatives. TESA Collective released two versions of Co-oply, the worker cooperative edition and the United Kingdom edition. However, TESA Collective is working on delivering other editions in the future. These editions include food co-operatives, artisans co-operatives, housing co-operatives and more. The purpose of creating different versions of Co-opoly is to provide an understanding, and address the different traits of each cooperative.

Rise Up!

Rise Up: The Game of Power and People is the newest board game TESA Collective created. Rise Up challenges the traditional themes of warfare, exploitation and conquest in board games. The game promotes social collaboration to initiate change, and players either win or lose as team. The game is about directing power back to the people, and beating unjust systems as a unit. However, Rise Up is not just a board game, but a tool encouraging players to use their imaginations and to create discussion with others on the change that is needed to improve and help the world.

Both board games are ethically made from environmentally friendly material by a team of activists, artists, game designers, and cooperators. The games are produced in the United States.


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